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Sintesis y Color ® is a company founded in 1990 by engineer Gustavo Dalia. From the beginning, it has been supplying the market a wide range of inputs for the Textile Screen Printing Industry, always seeking as its fundamental premise to offer the best relationship between price and quality.

We build permanent and collaborative bonds with our customers, it is essential for us to accompany them, providing the best service, personalized support and advice about our products, applications and processes.

Our large stock include products for; textile printing, transfer labels, screen printing, graphic arts, digital sublimation, handicrafts, footwear / labels / transfer, electronics and merchandising, to digital printing services for sublimation paper.

Sintesis y Color ®  work in partnership with the leading world graphic companies.

These products are manufactured under the most strict international quality and environmental care standards.

We have comprehensive delivery logistics, which allow us to dispatch our customer´s orders to their business within 24 hours within the City of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, as well as an extensive network of distributors within the interior of the country, which allows for our products to be delivered to every corner of Argentina.

Our website will allow you a quick and easy access to all the information you seek about us and our products and services. You are invited to meet us!

Juan Manuel de Rosas 3222, Caseros, CP. 1678
Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ventas (Pedidos): 11 6113-0795
Sintesis y color
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